Chinese GPU Supplier Will Receive NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Cards Within Few Days

The latest news roundup from Pro Hi-Tech mentions that their Chinese GPU supplier is expecting the first batch of the GeForce RTX 40 series within a month. We are not sure if it is a distributor or a direct retailer, but this piece of information has confirmed that the card will be available by September.


We have all come across numerous rumors regarding the availability of the RTX 40 and its release date has been a bit of a debate, but this news comes like a breath of fresh air as it is the first time that a company has mentioned the shipment of the next-gen GPU.

Even the board partners haven’t been saying much about the shipments of the RTX 40. There also appears to be no claims about any possibility of earlier availability. Their focus right now, and rightly so, is only on the excess of the GeForce RTX 30 cards.

Twitter Ilya RTX40

Leaving all aside, this also appears to be a rumor and not a reliable one at that. If anything, we are still weeks from any shipment of the card. Igor’sLAB has recently stated that according to their launch schedule of the RTX 40, the mass production of the AD102-based card would start sometime between August and September. This clearly means that the cards will not be ready to be shipped before three weeks at the earliest.

Via VideoCardz