Samsung P2370HD 23-inch Multi-function LCD Monitor Review


[ad#content_main]When talking about the performance of a monitor what would you look for? For myself I would look over how the colours are reproduced as well as the viewing angle. With the Samsung P2370HD, the colours are quite vivid and reproduced to the quality of other Samsung monitors I’ve looked at previously. The viewing angle of the P2370HD is best seen of course directly in front, but it does give people viewing at the either side a very good picture as well, I would just try not to sit above or below the monitor.

The large diagonal 23-inch viewing area is great for numerous tasks, including my favorite; photo editing. I can see higher resolutions of my photos while editing them which helps a lot when you need to see the sharper details in photos.

Samsung P2370HD 23-inch Multi-function LCD Monitor

The Samsung P2370HD with its 23-inch size also allows for a great viewing area when it comes to watching movies or TV. Unfortunately I do not have access to viewing cable TV on the P2370HD but watching DVD movies both through the computer and through a standalone DVD player both performed well. Images were crisp, bright and vivid.

Final Thoughts

If you are living in a dorm-room or do not have much space in your apartment or home for a larger LCD TV, then the Samsung P2370HD would be a good option. The colours, 1080p HD resolution, built in TV Tuner and built-in speakers make this one quality LCD TV. A nice pairing for this monitor would be a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 as the monitor does have built in speakers and HDMI support for the full HD experience.
The menu is easy to navigate if you are using the remote control. A small downside to the remote control is that it does not have illuminated buttons, so in the dark you will have to press the buttons by memory or tilt it towards the screen to help illuminate the keys.

Being that the Samsung P2370HD is an HDTV and not a regular HD capable computer monitor, it would be a bit overkill just to use it attached to your computer as you would probably not utilize the TV Tuner and speakers that are built in. For that I would recommend looking at the Samsung P2370 without the HD option.

I have highly enjoyed having the Samsung P2370HD sitting on my desk and will be sad to see it go back into its box. Going from a 23-inch monitor back down to a 19-inch monitor is just not fun.