Samsung Says DDR6-12800 Is In Development

Samsung has given a sneak peek into its future plans concerning memory technology in a recent event named Samsung Tech Day 2021.

The company revealed information about the next generation memory. The DDR6-12800 is under development and will have the ability to be overclocked to 17000 MT/s. GDDR7 with up to 32 Gbps for GPUs is also claimed to be on the horizon.

Samsung DDR6

There are no pictures from the event as it is against Samsung’s terms and conditions. Intel 12th Gen Core ‘Alder Lake-S’ and the DDR5 memory has just made its appearance in the mainstream market earlier this month but customers should not expect low pricing before 2023 as predicted by MSI’s researchers.

Meanwhile, Samsung is ready to talk about DDR5 technology’s successor, which is likely to offer twice the speed and bandwidth. JEDEC has not yet formalized the DDR6 standard. However, the specifications should be around 12800 Mbit/s by default.

Samsung confirms that the technology is still in its early stages, so the numbers shared by the company are likely to change. But as reported by the ComputerBase DDR6 memory speeds of up to 17000 Mbit/s are to be expected.

Samsung DDR5 GDDR6 Memory Banner 850x169 1

DDR6 is expected to have four channels per module(double that of DDR5). The number of memory banks will be increased to 64, quadrupling that of the DDR4 standard.

According to some reports by Samsung, they are now working on a faster standard GDDR6+ with up to 24 Gbps. Additionally, a GDDR7 standard is on the horizon, but no release date has been finalized.

This technology will increase memory bandwidth to 32 Gbps and include a ‘realtime error protection feature’, but Samsung was unable to provide any additional details.

Tech Day 2021

Samsung will commence mass manufacturing of HBM3 in the second quarter of 2022.


Via ComputerBase