Intel Arc Alchemist Desktop Graphics Card With DG2-128 GPU Will Feature 6GB GDDR6 Memory

As reported by Moore’s Law is Dead, Intel might have great plans for DG2-128EU GPU. The Youtuber has leaked important information about new desktop and mobile models.

Reportedly, the GPU, which is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2022 will appear in Dell and ASUS laptops initially, after which it will debut for the desktop market.

Intel Alchemist Xe 128EU

The desktop variant of Arc Alchemist with DG2-128EU GPU will feature 6GB GDDR6 memory and a 96-bit memory bus. This information negates the previous rumors which claimed that this GPU would only be tied to the 64-bit bus.

The YouTuber is the main source of Xe-HPG leaks, but he does not have solid information on this GPU specifically. The leaker is quite sure that the TDP reported in the previous leak of 75W is more or less authentic. However, the price and the GPU clock speed have not been confirmed.

The alleged Arc Alchemist A128 graphics card will compete with the upcoming AMD Navi 24 GPU (RX 6500/6400 cards) and NVIDIA GA107 (RTX 3050).

One of the reasons for the delay could possibly be that they would look poor on paper in comparison with their exaggerated costs compared to the solutions such as the AMD Polaris series or NVIDIA GTX Turing.

Intel Alchemist Xe 128EU 2 1

Currently, leaks have revealed information about three different DG2 GPUs: 512EU, 384EU, and 128EU variants, along with 6 different configurations of Arc Alchemist graphics cards: 512EU, 448EU, 384EU, 256EU, 128EU, and 96EU. It is, however, vague as to which variants do Intel plan to launch in particular for desktop and mobile markets.