Samsung Unveils 12.4-Inch Rollable OLED Panel

Samsung Display leads the way in folding displays, being the driving force behind the introduction of foldable phones. While we have witnessed various foldable phone designs in the market, one particular form factor has been missing: a foldable tablet. However, this gap may soon be filled as Samsung has recently revealed an impressive innovation called the Rollable Flex. This groundbreaking development showcases a 12.4-inch rollable OLED panel capable of rolling up, which hints at the potential arrival of foldable tablets. Samsung Display’s latest creation undoubtedly captivates with its remarkable features and aesthetic appeal.

IMG 5364

Similar to the Sensor OLED, the Rollable Flex made its debut at the SID Display Week 2023 event. This fresh OLED display has the remarkable ability to transform into a 12.4-inch screen when unrolled. Users can extend the display size from a mere 49mm to an impressive 245.4mm, allowing for the seamless transition of a smartphone into a tablet, or the creation of an exceptionally compact tablet experience.

So, how does this innovative technology function? As you can observe in the image below, the entire display resembles a scroll, intentionally designed by Samsung Display. The O-shaped axis plays a crucial role in facilitating the rolling and unrolling of the display, creating a visually intriguing scroll-like effect. While the showcased panel is a mere representation, we can anticipate a distinct design utilizing similar mechanics when an actual rollable tablet is introduced. Alongside the Rollable Flex, Samsung Display also presented the Flex In & Out OLED, a notable advancement that allows for easy inward and outward folding, setting it apart from other existing options in the market.

IMG 5365

Regarding the availability of these displays in Samsung’s lineup, we must exercise patience until the company makes an official announcement. Furthermore, Samsung unveiled an intriguing OLED panel featuring an integrated heart rate sensor and fingerprint scanner directly embedded within the display. This promising technology could potentially debut in upcoming Galaxy smartphones. As for the Rollable Flex, there is a possibility of witnessing the introduction of a foldable tablet by the end of this year, although no official confirmation has been provided thus far. Hence, we will need to remain vigilant and await further updates on when this groundbreaking technology will be accessible for mainstream devices in the future.

Via Samsung