Sapphire Becomes The Only AMD Board Partner To Announce RX 7800XT Reference Model

AMD has announced that there will be no official reference design for the Radeon RX 7700 XT GPU, which features a modified Navi 32 GPU. Instead, board partners will have the opportunity to provide a reference-like model based on the RX 7800 XT GPU, referred to as MBA (Made by AMD), which will be sold directly through AMD’s official webstore. Partners will also be able to create their custom designs with factory overclocking and higher board power if they choose to do so.

21330 01 RX7800XT MBA 16GGDDR5 C01 800x500

Conversely, the RX 7700 XT will be solely accessible via custom designs from board partners. None of the revealed custom designs resemble AMD’s MBA design for the Navi 32 GPU. Regarding the RX 7800 XT, only one company, Sapphire, has unveiled an MBA model. Sapphire intends to provide a diverse range of series, including NITRO+, PURE, and PULSE, demonstrating an extensive product selection.

21330 01 RX7800XT MBA 16GGDDR5 C02 800x500

Sapphire’s listing of the RX 7800 XT MBA design doesn’t show any noticeable visual alterations when compared to the MBA design. It’s worth highlighting that all MBA cards, whether they come from an AIB (Add-in-Board) partner or directly from AMD, are essentially identical cards, occasionally differentiated by stickers, with their core components remaining unchanged.

21330 01 RX7800XT MBA 16GGDDR5 C03 800x500

The availability of AMD MBA RX 7800 XT models from other manufacturers is currently uncertain, as there are no signs of similar designs from companies aside from Sapphire. It’s crucial to emphasize that this reference design is presently being assessed by reviewers, and the findings are expected to be revealed tomorrow, just one day before the official product launch.

21330 01 RX7800XT MBA 16GGDDR5 C05 800x500

Via Sapphire