Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 OC Graphics Card Review

FarCry 4
In FarCry 4 there is no built in benchmark so we used Fraps to record our framerates. We play a selection of the “Propaganda Machine” mission where we leave the base camp and run up to the radio tower. We take the same path each time. Graphics were set on the “Very High” preset.


Grand Theft Auto V
We used the games built in benchmark here. All of the settings were maxed out except MSAA was turned off. Also everything in the “Advanced Graphics” section was turned off.


Batman Arkham Origins
In Batman Arkham Origins all of the detail settings were set to DX11 Enhanced, all features were turned on, Anti-Aliasing was set at MSAA 8X, and Hardware Accelerated Physx was turned off. We used the games built in benchmark.


Metro Last Light Redux
Metro Last Light Redux has its own benchmarking tool. Settings we used were Quality: Very High, SSAA: On, Texture Filtering: AF 16X, Motion Blur: Normal, Tesselation: Very High, VSync: Off, Advanced Physx: Off. Scene 1 was selected and the number of runs was set at 3.


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