Scythe Kotetsu Mark 3 CPU Cooler Review

Affordable air coolers are something we always love covering here at ThinkComputers. We were quite impressed with the Jonsbo Pisa A5 as well as the Deepcool AK400 WH. While you may know Scythe for their massive air cooler, they have much smaller and more affordable offerings as well. Today we are taking a look at their Kotetsu Mark 3, which is a single-tower, single-fan cooler that is not all that large and should be pretty easy to install as well. Will we be adding this cooler to our list of great affordable CPU coolers? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Scythe for providing us with the Kotetsu Mark 3 CPU cooler to review!


scythe kotetsu mark3 specs


The Kotetsu Mark 3 comes in Scythe’s typical retail packaging. On the front we have a picture of the cooler and it lets us know the newest sockets it supports which include LGA1700 and AM5.

Scythe Kotetsu Mark 3 CPU Cooler

On the back we have a list of specifications in a handful of different languages.

Scythe Kotetsu Mark 3 CPU Cooler

Opening the box up inside you’ll find the Kotetsu Mark 3 without the fan attached, the cooling fan, mounting hardware, thermal paste, and installation instructions.

Scythe Kotetsu Mark 3 CPU Cooler

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