Seal Shield Introduces New Clean Wipe Pro Washable Keyboard

Seal Shield LLC has today announced the world’s first waterproof keyboard, the Clean Wipe Pro Medical-Grade Keyboard (patent pending). The keyboard targets the healthcare market.  It has short travel, chiclet-style keys with an adjustable base.


The  Clean Wipe Pro keyboard is 100%  waterproof, fully submersible, washable and bleach safe. The waterproof keyboard supports USB 3.0 with Seal Shield’s exclusive MagSeal magnetic USB connector. This provides quick-connect cleaning protocols. Moreover the Seal Lock technology allows  keys to be locked for thorough cleaning without disconnecting or powering down. An optional transparent silicone cover is also provided which can be disinfected with a single wipe.

As per the Dr. William Rutland, epidemiologist at  the University of North Carolina:

“There is increasing evidence to support the contribution of the environment to disease transmission, and that we pick up pathogens at the same level by touching the environment as we do by touching the patient. But, regular cleaning with healthcare grade disinfectants can help prevent the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria, which are known to harbor on frequently touched surfaces.”


The manufacturer will present the keyboard at Seal Shield’s booth #1838 at HIMSS21 healthcare symposium this week. The symposium will be held at the Sands Convention Center level two in Las Vegas, NV.