Seasonic Introduces 12V-2×6 (H++) 600W Power Cables For NVIDIA RTX GPUs

Seasonic has launched enhanced GPU cables for its power supplies, now featuring the H++ connector compliant with the PCIe Gen5/ATX3 standard, replacing the original H+ (12VHWPR) connector. It’s crucial to note that Seasonic offers three versions of this cable exclusively for their power supplies, not for use with third-party products.

Seasonic 12V 2x6 H

The 12V-2×6 native cable is suitable for a range of Seasonic ATX 3.0 power supplies, such as Prime TX, Prime PX, Vertex GX/PX/GX, and Focus GX, including their ‘White’ or ‘Sakura’ versions. However, these cables are not compatible with ATX2 power supplies, even if they are manufactured by Seasonic. Identified by blue connectors on at least one side, these native cables aid users during the plugging process by indicating that the connector is not fully inserted when the color is visible.

12V 2x6 90 header1 videocardz

For Seasonic ATX 2.0 power supply users, the company provides a 2×8-pin to 12V-2×6 adapter cable. This adapter is compatible with most Seasonic ATX 2.0 supplies, except for the 650W models and those featuring a single PCIe connector. Although powered by two 8-pin connectors, this adapter cable is rated for up to 600W.
12V 2x6 180 header videocardz


●12V-2×6 connector (PSU side) to 12V-2×6 connector (GPU side)
or 12V-2×6 90 Degree connector (GPU side) to 2 x 8-pin PCIe connectors (PSU side)
●Maximum 600 W rated power
●16 AWG (American Wire Gauge) size
●HCS (High-Current System) terminals with 94V-0 plastic material for connectors
●Power supply requirement: 650 W and above
●Designed for a lifetime of 50 mating cycles, a normal standard for connectors

Source: Seasonic