Sentey Optimus GS-6000 Case Review

Final Thoughts
When I first opened this case up I really did like it.  I am a sucker for stylish looks and the glossy finish.  I also was excited that this came with 4 included fans, that really is some serious cooling power.  I also like that almost everything was tool-less except for installation of the motherboard and power supply.  Tool-less installation makes this go so much faster.  Some other things on this case you just don’t find on others is the included card reader and fan controller.

When I started installing components in the case I started to see some of the issues with this case.  This biggest was that the cable routing holes were useless, there is not enough room behind the case to route any cables really.  This means you have to have all of your power supply and other cables sitting around inside of your case.  Another thing that I did not like was that I was unable to install my hard drive in case where the connections would be facing in.  I haven’t seen a case where this isn’t possible in a long time.

As I said I really liked that there was a fan controller included, but the fan’s are not pre-connected and you have to daisy-chain them together to connect them all.  USB 3.0 is a thing we have seen on almost every new case and it is absent here.  This is a more advanced feature, so we can’t really complain there.  The thing that really killed this case for me was that the side panel fan made it impossible for me to install the panel on the case.  This is because my CPU cooler (Thermaltake FRIO) was in the way.  I have yet to encounter this issue with any other case and the FRIO is the typical size for an aftermarket CPU cooler.

The Optimus sells for $59.99 at my favorite online retailer, which puts it in the budget range.  If you can look over some of the issues we encountered this could be a good case for you, although there are a few other cases at the same price point you might want to look at.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Sentey Optimus GS-6000 Case a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10 small

– Sleek design
– Tons of cooling (4 included fans)
– Tool-less
– Included card reader and fan controller

– Side panel fan does not allow room for larger CPU cooler (cannot reinstall side panel)
– Not enough room behind the case to route cables
– Hard drives can only be installed facing out
– No USB 3.0

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