Sharkoon’s Latest Skiller SGK50 S4 Gaming Keyboard Doesn’t Have Any Actual Keys

Sharkoon’s newest keyboard, the Skiller SGK50 S4, aims to be the go-to hot-swappable option for users worldwide. This minimalistic keyboard allows buyers to tailor it to their liking by choosing keycaps and switches, regardless of their location.

SKILLER SGK50 S4 Barebone ANSI black content 01

Based in Hessen, Germany, Sharkoon Technologies, a trusted provider of top-notch PC peripherals, accessories, and components since 2003, has recently unveiled the Skiller SGK50 S4 Barebone keyboard. As the name suggests, this keyboard includes only the frame, chassis, and circuit board. Customers have the freedom to select their preferred switches and keycaps to suit their individual preferences and needs.

A significant advantage is the barebone’s enhanced compatibility with various keyboard layouts. When making a purchase, customers have the option to select the commonly used ANSI layout or opt for the ISO version, which is designed to accommodate the layout commonly found in many European and South American countries.

SKILLER SGK50 S4 Barebone ANSI black content 03

Despite its minimalist nature, the design is anything but plain. It features two sets of dual-position feet that enhance typing comfort. Similar to the pre-assembled Skiller SGK S4, the Barebone offers a space-saving compact 60 percent layout across a three-block keyboard. When coupled with the ability to individually customize the keyboard illumination with 16.7 million colors, it results in a highly personalized appearance.

Additional notable features include the two macros, each capable of accommodating up to 16 actions, which can be easily configured directly on the keyboard using simple key combinations, eliminating the need for separate software. Sharkoon also highlights the hot-swap capability of the Skiller SGK50 S4 Barebone, allowing for swift switching between 3- and 5-pin switches using the provided tools.

SKILLER SGK50 S4 Barebone ANSI black content 05

As for availability, the black or white Sharkoon SGK50 S4 Barebone keyboard is currently not accessible in the United States, but it is being offered in other markets, starting this month, at an approximate price of 50 euros.

Via Sharkoon