Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC Review

Final Thoughts

[ad#content_main]We are pretty new to the whole nettop all-in-one pc’s here at ThinkComputers, but they are pretty cool. An entire computer all in a very small frame around a display, much like Apple’s iMac’s, but in a smaller form factor. The X50 does not disappoint though, it looks great on your desk and the blue accent light adds a small touch of style. Since it is so thin it really does not take up that much room on your desk and the stand can be adjusted to exactly how you want the display to sit.

As far specs go this is the most powerful all-in-one nettop that we have seen. It is the only all-in-one nettop that has the Atom 330 chip in it. We had not problems running many different programs at once and it played 720p HD video quite well.

I think that the major downfall of this system is the display. Compared to other LCD displays we have in the office this display is extremely dull and the viewing angles are not good at all. This is probably because it is a touch screen display. Honestly most consumers really do not have the need for the touch screen and would rather have a better quality display. Although the touch screen would be good for integrated system or say something like registration systems at events, there is really where the X50’s touch screen could show its worth. I would like to see Shuttle come out with a non-touch screen version of the X50 that has a better display.

Shuttle really did not take advantage of the touch screen feature as there was no custom touch screen software made for the X50. So really to operate the X50 you need a keyboard and mouse, which are not included.

When it’s all said and done this is still a great product. It is one of my most powerful nettop’s out there and it looks great on your desk. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC an 8 out of 10 score.


– Stylish design
– Can easily fit anywhere
– Plays HD video
– One of the most powerful nettop’s out there


– Dull display
– Touch screen is not needed
– Keyboard and mouse not included


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