Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC Review


Since I noticed that the display was very dull I did some monitor tests. First was the brightness and contrast test. With the brightness turned all the way up I still noticed that the display was very dull in the test. I also did a color reproduction tests, while the colors were very vibrant they still did not look as good as a normal LCD monitor would. You do have to keep in mind that this is a touch screen display though.

Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC

HD video is becoming more and more popular, with that it is becoming very easy to access. That is why with all new systems we do a HD video test to see if it can handle HD video. For this test we used the Tron Legacy HD movie trailer from Apple’s website. Playback was done through QuickTime.

480p: Flawless playback
720p: Great playback some jitters, 30-40% CPU usage
1080p: Good playback many jitters, 40-60% CPU usage

Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC Shuttle X50 All-in-One PC

So you are probably going to want to stick to 720p on the system, but it can handle it. While watching movies on the X50 I also noticed that the speakers were very crisp and the sound was not distorted at all.

This is an Intel Atom system so we are not going to do our full suite of tests on it, but we will be running some simple benchmarks to see how it will perform. We do not have another nettop to test it against, but from what we have seen the X50 is the most powerful All-In-One nettop out there right now. Here are the results from our tests.


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