SilverStone ES02-USB PC Remote Switch Kit Review

Final Thoughts
This is a really cool little kit from SilverStone. I can see people wondering why you might need something like this, and for most people you might not. Let’s face it most of us leave our PCs on most of the time. The only time we restart or turn them off is when we need to update Windows or install something new. So the idea that we might use something like this is very few and far between.

But there definitely are use cases for a product like this. First would be an instance where you have a system where the power button is hard to reach. Maybe in a secure facility, or a server in a rack. The ES02-USB would definitely save you time and make it very easy to power on or shut down your system. I can also see this being used for an office PC. You walk into the office, hit the power button on your remote to turn your system on and go make yourself a cup of coffee. Come back and your PC is powered on and ready to go. Another instance of a hard to reach power button might be on a HTPC that you have hidden away in your home theater or even mounted behind your TV. So there are definitely people who can take advantage of this kit.

The kit is extremely easy to install and only takes about a minute. If you’ve connected front panel headers on your motherboard you definitely can get the ES02-USB installed without any problems.

Right now the ES02-USB is selling at our favorite online retailer for $22.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ES02-USB PC Remote Switch Kit a 10 out of 10 score.

Award 10 out of 10

– Wirelessly power on / off and restart your PC
– Easy to install
– Can still use the power and reset buttons on your case

– None that I found

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