Samsung CF791 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor Review

When it comes to building a PC one thing that we overlook most of the time is our display, I’ve even done this in the past. If you think about it your display is something you look at daily for hours on end so it is probably a good idea to pick out a monitor that suits your needs and you are going to like. I have been using two 24-inch 1080p displays for a couple of years now and honestly I did not have much of an issue with them at all. I had been looking into ultra-wide displays for a while and talking with Samsung they said they had just the display for me to check out, it was their CF791 34-Inch Curved Widescreen unit. It represents the perfect balance between a display made for productivity and one made for gaming. On the productivity side you have a 34-inch WQHD (3440×1440) display that makes use of Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology and has a 3000:1 contrast ratio. On the gaming side of things you have a 100 Hz refresh rate, 1500R curve, 4ms response time, and AMD Freesync. Can this monitor make me ditch my dual-monitor setup? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Samsung for providing us with the CF791 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor to review.




The CF791 comes in a typical Samsung retail box. On the side of the box there is a picture of the monitor and lets us know that we do indeed have the CF791.

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When you open the box up on the inside you’ll find instructions on how to use the control stick located on the back of the monitor. The monitor itself comes nicely protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam, it is wrapped, and has film protection on most of it.

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As far as accessories go with the monitor you have the power adapter (which is not very big), power cable, HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 cable, DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter, and a quick setup guide. All of the cables are white so you keep that nice white theme behind the display as you’ll see.


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