SilverStone Kublai Series KL05 Case Review

How much I do wish that I had been a case reviewer when the classic cases such as the amazing SilverStone’s TJ-07’s were new or the SilverStone Raven was in its first production model with its inverted motherboard tray or even the time when the first Fortress 2 came on scene and lest we forget the SilverStone Crown Series of the CW02 HTPC case. That Crown Series alone could make your newest high dollar Marantz SA-11S3 sound system look like it’s playing second fiddle to the HTPC sitting next to it. Oh, those were the days, and I miss them with great zeal even until today and would be honored to own even one of those cases that I have just described and often drool over them on ebay now and then, when I can find one of them.

When I heard that SilverStone was sending me a couple of cases this time, I found myself almost drooling with anticipation. As the Computer Case Modder living inside of me, I knew all too well, that SilverStone was like the Bentley luxury motor car of computer cases and for lots great reasons. They practically invented the brushed aluminum look and some of their cases are still classics to this day. They were some of the first cases to ever address large radiators in their case bottoms and tops with custom water cooling was almost a must with a SilverStone case even when most of us were enjoying our newest ASUS Silent Square cpu cooler. So many case modding creations have come from this wonderful company that sounds like it might make quality Kitchen Appliances, but in truth they make some of the nicest cases that have ever graced the planet Earth.

Now, there is this newest trend of the “Affordable Cases”. I don’t know if I like this new trend or not, but I must continue to ride the wave that this ocean has given me and I look forward to taking a look at the newest SilverStone Kublai SST-KL05B-W. I know that if it’s from SilverStone it has to be good, but for the moment, this is my forward to this review and I still have not opened the box yet or started taking pictures for this review and at this point I am awaiting tomorrows sunlight to shine and fill my room with just the right light to show this case in its finest appearance.

I must be honest. The thought of such a prestigious company making a very affordable case is alot like guessing what it would be like if Bentley introduced an all new economy car. Affordable and practical for anyone to drive. What would it be like? What would the theme be like, or how would the mark of the Bentley Logo even fit on an economy car. It just never seems to sit right with me but they know what they are doing more than I, so I will do diligence and give my review of this economy case that SilverStone built and later dream of finding that pristine, like new TJ07 some other time.

The SilverStone Kublai KL05B-W edition is the sport model of the two similar cases. This one has a very nice thin tall window to show just the right amount of glamour of your motherboard and cooling without showing too much. I find it a welcomed change to some of the other full paneled windowed versions that show every bad wiring mistake or give the appearance of TMI. “Too much Information”

The SilverStone Kublai has a taller stance than most with a plastic top cover made to house the Radiator or fans depending on your building needs. This mostly gives room on the top side of the motherboard for any size radiator you might have including a nice fat radiator. The tall thin look of the Kublai is just an illusion because it still gives plenty of room for that large air cooling solution that you may have been thinking of.

Here are the Specs.


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