SilverStone LS04 Light Strips Review

Final Thoughts

As we stated earlier, the LS04 light strips are quite simple in design, but add a few much-needed tweaks to what we have encountered in the past. First off, these light strips offer two illumination surfaces for added lighting options and installation flexibility. By offering two lighting surfaces, the LS04 strips no longer need to be oriented in a single method to get the lighting you want. Instead you can orient them in a few directions and twist and flex them as needed to get just the right lighting. Second, with 40 LEDs in each strip, the transition of light and color across the strip can be much more fluid, as we are essentially getting a “higher resolution” of lighting with these strips. That being said, some RGB controllers won’t support this many LEDs in a single strip, so be sure to confirm compatibility first.

SilverStone LS04

Installation of the LS04 strips is very simple, thanks to the magnetic clips that are provided with the kit. This mounting method allows you to choose exactly where you want your strips to make contact with your case. Of course, if you are using these strips in an aluminum case, you will need to provide your own mounting solution, as these strips do not feature any adhesive strips for alternative mounting methods.

Our overall impression of these light strips is quite positive – the dual lighting surfaces and high LED count add something new to a pretty stagnant light strip market, which we can certainly appreciate. Available at our favorite online retailer for just over $60, the SilverStone LS04 light strips are a premium lighting product that earn an 8 out of 10.

rating8 10


  • Dual Light Surfaces
  • 40 LEDs per Strip
  • Very Flexible
  • Magnetic Clips Offer Custom Mounting Positioning


  • No Adhesive Strips Included
  • Some Controllers May Not Support 40 LEDs