ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) Motherboard Review

We’ve been waiting for the B550 chipset from AMD and it is finally here! The B550 chipset is going to be very attractive to many people, one for the price and two for Gen 4 speeds not only for your graphics card, but storage as well. So for those who might have been holding off building a Ryzen 3000 series system B550 gives you to perfect opportunity to build a Gen4-capable system at a great price. Today we are taking a look at the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi), which offers a 12+2 power phase design, dual M.2 slots, USB 3.2 gen 2 support, 2.5G LAN, and WiFi 6. Let’s jump in and see what this board is all about!

Special thanks to ASUS for sending over their ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) Motherboard for us to take a look at.

The B550 Chipset

The B550 chipset will be the first mid-range chipset to offer PCI-Express 4.0 support. Unlike the B450 chipset, B550 will support PCI-Express 4.0 for both graphics and storage. Also the PCI-Express interface for other devices (general purpose lanes) will be upgraded from 2nd to 3rd generation.

AMD Ryzen 3 B550 Chipset 4

For those wondering about overclocking just like its predecessors the B550 chipset enables full multiplier-based overclocking with memory overclocking support.

AMD Ryzen 3 B550 Chipset 1

The B550 chipset is sort of a thing of its own as it only supports current Ryzen 3000 series processor and future “Zen 3” 4th generation Ryzen desktop processors. Ryzen 3000 “Picasso” APUs are not supported as well as older Ryzen 2000 “Pinnacle Ridge,” “Raven Ridge,” and first gen Ryzen 1000 “Summit Ridge” processors.

AMD Ryzen 3 B550 Chipset 2

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