Sneaker X Shoe PC With Up To Core i9-13900K Or Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPUs And RTX 4080 Starts At $3,499

Sneaker X, crafted by the JMDF PC modding collective, clinched the esteemed Best Art Award during the “Case Mod World Series 2020.” This visually captivating setup had its spectacular unveiling at Computex 2023, and the incredible attention it garnered surpassed all anticipations. As a result, the company is now offering this exceptional system to a broader audience.

Sneaker X Side 05 videocardz

The Sneaker X presents a comprehensive PC setup, featuring a choice between Intel Z790/B760 or AMD X670/B650 motherboards within the Mini-ITX framework. This adaptable system provides compatibility with four distinct CPUs: the i7-13700K, i9-13900K, 7800X3D, or 7950X3D. For graphics, it offers selections like the RTX 4070, RTX 4070 Ti, and RTX 4080. It arrives with a generous 2TB storage capacity and provides the choice of either 32GB or 64GB of DDR5 memory. To ensure smooth operation, it relies on a Cooler Master liquid cooler (MasterLiquid PL360 Flux) and draws power from an 850W PSU by the same reputable manufacturer.

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Initially, there were reports suggesting that the system might be priced at over $6,000 upon its launch. However, the final pricing has been established at a more “accessible” level. The Sneaker X is offered in two tiers: Enthusiast and Professional, with specific system specifications varying by region and the choice of either AMD or Intel hardware. While it’s evident that this isn’t a budget-friendly system, its price range in the US falls between $3,499 and $3,799, and in Europe, it ranges from €3,499 to €4,699. This represents an approximate €1000 premium compared to a similarly equipped system in a standard PC case.

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The primary target audience for this system consists of gamers who value distinctive and eye-catching designs. It has been meticulously designed as a collector’s piece, incorporating exceptional and high-quality materials. In regards to dimensions, the Sneaker X surprisingly offers ample space, measuring 65cm x 30.5cm x 65cm, providing substantial room for a 360 mm radiator at the bottom and effortlessly accommodating 3-slot high-end GPUs.

Sneaker X Back 04 videocardz

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