Software engineer Yifan Gu, Finds a Way To Use Apple’s M1 GPU To Mine Ethereum

Due to the price surge of Ethereum, Ethereum mining is again on the rise. Usually, miners use a customized PC stocked with many graphics cards to mine Ethereum since graphic cards have a high rate of the KECCAK-256 hashing algorithm and other options aren’t viable. However, have you thought about trying to mine using Apple’s M1 processor? Well Someone just did that!!


Software engineer at Zensors, Yifan Gu, has managed to use Apple’s M1 GPU for mining Ethereum. He achieved this by porting Ethminer utility to Apple’s macOS for Apple Silicon. Although using M1 for mining was a success, the results weren’t satisfactory as the GPU only managed to get  2 MH/s of mining power. This concluded that despite being a possibility, it is not viable to M1’s GPU for mining Ethereum.

Via Yifan Gu Blog