Intel Has Discontinued its “Performance Tuning Protection Plan”

In a recent update to the PTPP program, Intel uploaded a message stating that the PTPP program will not be offered to new customers with effect from March 1st. The protection allowed a one-time replacement in case anything happens to the CPU during overclocking for a price tag of $20 or $30.

Intel 11th Gen desktop Rocket Lake S 1 1480x1036 1

The Xeon W-3175X (premium processor) will still have Intel’s protection in case anything goes wrong during overclocking. However, if any other Intel processor gets damaged while overclocking, the warranty will get void.

In the message, Intel says that the demand for PTPP has declined over time. PTPP was introduced back in 2012 during the era of Sandy Bridge CPUs. Besides this, Intel has also developed many overclocking technologies that help with overclocking and reduce the risk of killing the CPU during the process.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon 10nm CPU 1030x832 3

Below is the message Intel shared:

To PTPP Customers,

The Performance Tuning Protection Plan program has been discontinued.

As customers increasingly overclock with confidence, we are seeing lower demand for the Performance Tuning Protection Plans (PTPP).

As a result, Intel will no longer offer new PTPP plans effective March 1, 2021.

Intel will continue focusing on delivering amazing processors with tuning flexibility and overclocking tools like Intel Performance Maximizer and Intel XTU.

All existing plans will continue to be honored through the duration of the processor warranty period.

For questions, contact Intel Customer Support.

Note about the intel xeon W-31 75X Processor

The intel xeon W-31 75X Processor is automatically covered for overclocking, No additional plan or activation code is required

Thank You,


Intel recommends subscribing to PTPP even when one is using the company’s special overclocking tool, Performance Maximizer. As per Intel, a warranty only applies to processors operating on their factory settings.

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Coincidentally, the discontinuation of PTPP and the release of the 11th Gen Rocket Lake series is happening in the same month.

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