Sony Explains Why PlayStation 4 Will Cost $1,845 in Brazil

Many people have been wondering why Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console will cost significantly more in Brazil than anywhere else in the world. Many people speculated that local retailers or Sony were price gouging and taking advantage, but that seems to not be the case.


According to Mark Stanley, Sony’s general manager for Latin America the high price is because of the high import taxes that are in place in Brazil. When speaking to Gamespot he said, “It’s not good for our gamers and it’s not good for the PlayStation brand”.

Stanley details the total costs and the import taxes make up about $1152 of the total cost, which is 63%. Another 22% retailer fee is added bringing the total cost to $1950.99, but there is a 6.5% discount which brings the price to $1845!

There really is no way Sony can get around this insane import costs unless they start producing the PlayStation 4 in Brazil, but since all PlayStation 4 production takes place in one factory in China it does not look like that is happening.

Source: NPR | News Archive

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