Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order registration page goes live

It’s here! Well, not really. The race to beat each other to market has intensified. Sony has today launched its pre-order registration page in a move to get everybody hyped up for something that basically does not exist.

We all know Sony and Microsoft are trying to beat each other in the console race. Pricing lower, and being first to market are significant advantages in console sales. Today, Sony has opened up a page for the PlayStation 5, which looks like the pre-order page, but really is just a page to register yourself for a slot to pre-order the console.

Essentially, a pre-order pre-order page. You need to submit your PlayStation Network ID with the associated email. It will let you buy one PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, with up to 2 controllers. For now, this is only available in the US.

Your move, Xbox! Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

Via TechPowerUp

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