Apple May Soon Launch Its Own Search Engine To Compete Against Google Search

For a few years, Apple has been receiving billions of dollars from Google to keep Google as its default search engine in each of their products. We can expect to end this deal soon due to the claim of the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

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They claim that these companies are a barrier for any competition in the search engine market. This constant pressure and Apple’s resilience to depend on a company will eventually force Apple to develop its own search engine.

The latest spotlight search changes on iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 has bypassed Google. Instead of going to Google, it directs to the search results directly. Applebot web crawler now renders pages similar to Google instead of filtering HTML. The new updates allow web crawlers to rank pages in a similar way to a search engine.

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These measures will provide Apple with a base to develop its own search engine. Rumours suggest that the search engine will be integrated into Apple products serving as a personalized hub. This will distinguish Apple’s search engine from the others in the market which is a good thing for the end users.

Source: Coy Wolf News