Sparkle Calibre P980X+ geForce 9800GTX+ 512MB Video Card Review

Testing – Gaming
For gaming I chose the three titles I have been using for some time, Crysis, PT Boats: Knights of the Sea, and Call of Juarez. I have yet to see any DX10 gaming benchmarks that satisfy my needs more than these three, and I will continue to use them until I do.

Crysis: I used the Crysis Benchmark Test by MadBoris Vergiza, settings were: High, GPU test, 2 x AA, DX10, 64-bit, 1440 x 920.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea: I used the standalone performance test, settings were High, 2 x AA, 1440 x 920.

Call of Juarez: I used the standalone demo benchmark, settings were High, 2 x AA, 1440 x 920.

The numbers were a little surprising here. The Crysis scores were about what I expected them to be, but the P980X+ actually beat the HD 4870 in PT Boats. The 4870 soundly trounced the geForce card in Call of Juarez, but for some reason the 4870 really likes that benchmark.

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