Speck Fitted iPad Case Review

I have been using the Speck Fitted iPad case for a couple weeks now, and I will say at first it was different to get used to. I have been using the standard Apple Flip portfolio for about a month now. I am pleased to say that the Speck Fitted case grew on me more and more every day I used my iPad. It’s comfortable and easy to use still while being able to be held for hours at time.  And who can forget how stylish it is, you are definitely going to get some attention using the Fitted case. They also make this style fitted case for the iPhone, you can check out our review of it here.

This can be found at my favorite online retailer for $39.99 on sale, but normally it is about $49.99. Overall Thinkcomputers.org gives the Speck Fitted iPad case a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Easy to install
– Stylish
– Washable

– None