Speck Fitted iPad Case Review

Let’s just say you place the iPad into the backing of the Fitted case and then you snap the top ring around it and then it holds it into place. This was super easy and novices with iPad products or any product for that fact will be able to do so. the total process of installing the iPad into the case was about 30 seconds.

Speck Fitted iPad Case Speck Fitted iPad Case

After getting the Fitted case onto the iPad I was pleased with how it felt. But first lets take a look at all the ports on the iPad while inside the case. Again while looking at the bottom of the case we have the iPad charging and syncing port with the speakers on the bottom. As you can see here the Fitted case does offer all around protection at the bottom of the iPad.

Speck Fitted iPad Case

Here we have the volume button and the iPad lock  button as well. this slot on the Speck case again does offer protection around the buttons just as well as the bottom of the case did.

Speck Fitted iPad Case

At the top of the case is the power on/off button is located along with the headphone port.

Speck Fitted iPad Case

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