Spigen Announces ArcPLAY; A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For Gamers

Spigen has introduced the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, boasting a genuine dual 8K mechanism. What sets this keyboard apart is its emphasis on speed. Utilizing Spigen’s proprietary Dynamic Pipeline Technology, designed exclusively for the ArcPLAY, this keyboard can efficiently handle a remarkable 8,000 Hz polling and scan rate, ensuring faster performance compared to most other mechanical gaming keyboards.


ArcPLAY utilizes the Cherry MX RGB Brown Switch, a top-tier switch from one of the industry’s most esteemed brands, ensuring a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. Furthermore, the keycaps are crafted using the double-shot PBT method and include high-quality PU foam for sound absorption, catering to the needs of gamers who opt for the Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Spigen always focuses on making customer-oriented products,” says Joe Bae, the director of Spigen’s ArcTech Department. “Spigen ArcPLAY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be a great tool for gamers to seize victory.”


Product Features:

  • 8,000 Hz polling and scan rate.
  • Cherry MX Brown Switch: 100 million keystrokes guaranteed.
  • Double shot PBT keycaps: Precise finish to withstand your energy.
  • Multi-function dial key: 5 features (volume, media, scroll, screen brightness, keyboard brightness) to control conveniently.
  • Superior sound absorption: Using premium PU foam to satisfy user experience.
  • RGB light: Total 11 effect and surrounded RGB light.
  • ArcPLAY HIVE: Exclusive software for ArcPLAY.

Via Spigen