Split Screen on Windows 10 Made Easy

Do you happen to own a computer unit with a Windows 10 operating system? Or are you currently stuck in a unit with this new OS? Are you having difficulty splitting the screen? Would you be interested to know exactly how to do it? Are you perhaps asking then how to split screen on Windows 10? If that is the case, then you are on the right page.

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The process of splitting the screen into Windows 10 is relatively easy. The best method there is to choose the option offered by Windows 10 which is called snapping. This is the feature that will help you to force application and windows to snap or split to distinct sides of the screen.

Why split screen?

There are many reasons why users tend to prefer split screen. For one, it can aid in multi-tasking. In a normal day, one would open a lot of application at the same time. There would also be instances where you would want to compare values and data from one application to the next. Being able to split your screen makes these tasks easier.

Since you are able to multitask, this paves to increase productivity. Because of this, you can be able to work on varied chores at the same time. Plus, you can also be able to complete tasks in the less possible time. No wonder, splitting screen is a necessity, especially for hard-working individuals.

Interested to know how to split screen then? Below is the process.

If you are running two different applications and using the two simultaneously, you can just snap to varied spots on the screen. This paves the way for each application to occupy half of the space of your monitor. To do the snapping process, you can use your mouse and then drag the application’s title bar to the left side of the screen. Simply imagine how easy this is.

You can now see a transparent layer that will show you where the application in the window is positioned. To make it stick to your monitor, release your mouse button. If you want to have another application on the other side of the first application, just click on the app you would like to move. While you try to snap it using your mouse, you can see a new feature popping up this is the Snap Assist. Windows 10 will list then all the windows open in a thumbnail. You can then click on the thumbnail and this will split automatically to the other side of your screen. This makes the feature all the more helpful as it facilitates screen splitting faster. The snap feature is by far more convenient than the feature included in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Splitting screen in Windows 10 is easier and faster. Hence, if you want to improve productivity and make your tasks easier, doing this can save a lot of time and energy. Plus, it takes no rocket science to be able to do it.

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