SSD Manufacturers Are Gearing Up For A 25% Price Hike

The SSD market is experiencing increased consumer demand, prompting manufacturers to plan significant price hikes of up to 25%. Companies like Samsung and Western Digital, facing prolonged economic challenges due to low demand, are aiming to boost profits by implementing aggressive pricing strategies. TrendForce predicts a 10 to 15 percent increase in consumer SSD prices and up to 25% for enterprise SSDs, as manufacturers ramp up production to meet growing demand. Specifically, Samsung is expected to raise prices by 15% across its consumer SSD portfolio.


Furthermore, it’s probable that we’ll observe this upward trend in prices continuing over the upcoming quarters. Achieving the optimal price level may require a further 40% increase over the coming period, indicating that storage products are currently offered at their most favorable prices.

Expect nothing but an escalation from this point onward. For those navigating the markets in search of an opportune moment, this could be it. Consumer SSDs, particularly those in high demand, are poised for significant price hikes in the near future, rendering today’s price tags a compelling choice without much deliberation.

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Yet, over time, the price adjustment proves advantageous as it motivates companies to achieve profitability, consequently driving sectoral growth for the future. While the average consumer may face temporary setbacks, we anticipate a swift return to normalcy, particularly with the onset of the consumer upgrade cycle timeline.

Source: TrendForce