Star Wars Battlefront Beta Players Log 38 Lifetimes of Gameplay

We know that the Star Wars Battlefront Beta was extremely popular. With around 9 million gamers participating in the beta it was the largest beta EA had ever had. DICE has released even more facts about the beta that are just astonishing!

Star Wars Battlefront

As we said 9 million people played the beta and about two-thirds of that player base (6 million) reached the level cap of 5 in the beta and unlocked the rocket pack. That really speaks to people wanting to play the game. It takes more than a few matches to reach that level. Electronic Arts has told investors that they expect to sell about 10 million copies of the game before March 2016.

Some other cool facts about the beta were that more than 780,000 imperial walkers were taken down, players spawned as Darth Vader 5,938,148 times, this is about 35,000 more than spawned as Luke Skywalker. Together they forced-choked 1,379,319 other players.

Players of the beta logged 1.6 billion minutes. That is enough to watch the original Star Wars Trilogy 4.2 million times! There is another way to look at it too, the current average life expectancy in the US is 78.74 years, which is 41,385,744 minutes. So a total of 38 lifetimes were spent playing the beta over a period of 6 days!

Source: Polygon | News Archive

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