Steam Deck Modded To Support 32GB Of LPDDR5 Memory

Valve’s Steam Deck, previously hailed as a top handheld gaming gadget, is now encountering increased rivalry from several companies that emphasize stronger hardware capabilities. Take ASUS’s ROG Ally, for example, which showcases an AMD APU featuring Zen4 and RDNA3 architectures, although it falls behind by not surpassing Steam Deck’s memory capacity. Both devices were introduced with only 16GB of memory as the available choice.

IMG 7040

In the competitive landscape, Chinese companies such as AYANEO 1S, which offers 32GB, and OneXPlayer 2, with options of up to 64GB LPDDR5X, have come onto the scene. Nevertheless, Steam Deck stands out from these rivals due to its distinct emphasis on affordability. This differentiation is highlighted even more with the recent launch of an official refurbished program, enabling gamers to obtain a device for as little as $319, a reduction from the regular $349.

The Steam Deck has gained significant acclaim from users who engage in modding endeavors. These span from enhancements like SSD storage or upgrading to a 1200p display, to extensive software transformations. An innovative modification, proposed by one of the modders, revolves around elevating the standard 16GB memory to 32GB. This endeavor entails a intricate procedure of desoldering and reballing, rendering it a formidable task for less-experienced users lacking the requisite tools and know-how.

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While the user didn’t furnish any benchmark outcomes, the effectiveness of the modification remains uncertain. Yet, a glimmer of evidence pointing towards its success emerges from a system settings screenshot that reveals an available RAM of 30.2GB.

These alterations demonstrate the platform’s capability to accommodate substantial modifications and suggest potential enhancements down the line, provided Steam or another company enables upgradability. As of now, any official statements about a potential successor to the Steam Deck are notably absent, which could prompt adept users to explore innovative avenues.