Steam Finally Releases Their Library Makeover

The Steam Library has never been the easiest thing to deal with or the prettiest either. It looks like that could change with the latest update. Valve has just announced the Steam Library update via their blog and it looks like quite the makeover.

steam library update2

The first part of this update is the new landing page. Here you can see quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends activity, and you collections.

Another new part of the update is being able to stay connected with your games and friends. The new library update makes it easy to see not just what games have been updated, but what the actual update was and why after the update you should load up the game. You can not only see what your friends are playing on the library home page, but on each individual game page too.

steam library update3

We’ve loaded up Steam and the new Library update looks great and was definitely much needed. What do you think about the Library update?

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