Steam Has Over 100 Million Active Accounts

Yesterday Valve launched the Steam Discovery Update which they say “introduces new functionality and features designed to optimize the Steam shopping experience as the number of new titles on Steam increases.” Steam has also announced that their user-base has increased to over 100 million active accounts!


Vavle has more than 3700 titles available on the Steam platform, 1300 of which have arrived in the past 9 months. The Discovery Update will help users find new games based on their interests and recent games that they have played. Users will also be able to setup new customization options and filters. Other game recommendations will be based on past purchases and suggestions from friends. There will also be Steam Curators who will be the new “taste makers” of the Steam community.

Hopefully with this update users will be able to find more titles that they like and should increase activity on the Steam platform. What games are you playing most on Steam?

Source: Steam | News Archive

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