Stores to Open at 8AM for iPhone 5 Release

Just 12 hours after going on sale September 14th at 3:01AM EST Apple’s iPhone 5 pre-orders have sold out. So if you did not get your pre-order in you could be waiting up to 2-5 weeks to get your brand new iPhone. Even though to most people the iPhone 5 was not something that really blew them away as expected since this is a brand new Apple product they are in high demand.

iphone5 front

As I said if you put your order in now, you could be looking at a month or longer before you get your iPhone 5, or you could try eBay, but expect to pay a very high premium for the phone. On the other hand you could try and get to the Apple store or one of the carrier stores (AT&T, Sprint & Verizon in the US) as they will be opening their doors at 8am local time on September 21st. There is no way of knowing how many iPhone 5’s will be at each store, so best of luck!

Source: Apple | News Archive

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