T-Force Spark 128 GB RGB USB Flash Drive Review

T-Force Spark RGB USB Drive Overview

Overview Image T-Force Spark

The sample we received from TeamGroup was their 128 GB variant of the T-Force Spark USB RGB flash drive. The T-Force Spark RGB USB Drive is a USB 3.2 Gen 1 flash drive with RGB lighting. The T-Force Spark has an advertised data transfer rate of 180 MB/s on the read and 90MB/s on the write. The T-Force Spark has a retractable design. This means that is slides open when using, it and can collapse down when not in use.

On the top of the T-Force Spark RGB USB flash drive, the capacity is displayed near the USB connector with RGB printed below the capacity of the drive. There is a small switch with an intricate design that slides the drive open and closed. Under the switch, we see the T-Force logo. Opposite to the USB connector, there is a piece of plastic that diffuses the RGB lighting on the T-Force Spark RGB USB flash drive.


The T-Force Spark is about the average size of a USB flash drive measuring 60.9 mm x 20.4 mm x 8.6 mm and comes with a lifetime warranty. The plastic diffuser for the RGB lighting doesn’t just cover the end of the flash drive. It also comes about one third the way up the side of the T-Force Spark.

We like to disassemble any product I review if at all possible. So, we tore down the T-Fore Spark RGB USB Flash drive to get a better look at its components. To disassemble the T-Force Spark, you first have to pop out the RGB diffuser. Next, gently push down on the switch and slide the drive towards the back of the drive. The PCB will pop out. Now, we can get a better look at the PCB and components of the T-Force Spark.

removed diffuser t-force spark


The T-Force Spark is made up of three components. These components are the metal housing, the switch used to open and close the drive, and the PCB with USB type-A connector.

The controller on the T-Force Spark is the Phison PS2251-09 USB Controller. This controller has a Type-A connector and a USB 3.2 Gen one interface. The Phison PS2251-09 can handle read speeds up to 200 MB/s on the read and 200 MB/s on the write speed. For more information on this Phison controller, click here: https://www.phison.com/en/solutions/consumer/removable/usb/53-usb-flash-drive/80-ps2251-09

The T-Force Spark uses a single 128 gb memory module. There were no clear markings on the actual module that gave me any results when searched online. But I do know TeamGroup generally uses Hynix memory ICs that are privately branded as TeamGroup.

Beyond just having RGB lighting that scrolls through the color wheel, the LEDs on the T-Force Spark have a function. The T-Force Spark uses three specific colors to indicate the capacity of the drive. When you initially plug the T-Force Spark into your PC, the LED will flash either red, blue, or yellow. A red flashing light indicates that the drive is over 93% capacity. If the T-Force Spark is between 81 and92% capacity, the LED will flash yellow. If the drive is below 80% capacity, it will flash blue.

rgb lighting T-Force Spark

The T-Force Spark is not only limited to your PC or MAC. The T-Force Spark supports a variety of platforms including PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, and XBOX 360. I can only assume it will also be supported on the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft as well.

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