T-Force Spark 128 GB RGB USB Flash Drive Review

Intro image T-Force Spark 128 GB


Storage is one of the most important parts of any system. However, a single system can only handle so many drives be it M.2 or data drives. Many people go for external hard drives or SSDs. Very often, USB flash drives are often overlooked as a viable option due to low capacities and speeds. However, with advances in flash memory, USB flash drives have gotten not only larger in capacity, but faster in speeds. Whether it’s for transferring files between machines, updating your BIOS or a Windows install media, everyone who owns a PC needs a decent flash drive. Having been in the business for over 18 years. TeamGroup understands this.

But why spend ten bucks on a cheap 8 GB USB 2.0 drive from CVS when for just a little more money, you can get a 128 GB USB 3.2 Gen 1 flash drive, with RGB lighting. Introducing the T-Force Spark RGB USB Flash drive from Team Group. TeamGroup sent us their 128 GB T-Force Spark to take a look at. The T-Force Spark is a 128 GB USB 3.2 Gen 1 RGB USB Flash Drive with advertised read speeds of 180 MB/s and write speeds of 90 MB/s. We ran the T-Force Spark through our suite of storage benchmarks to see how it performed. But is an RGB flash drive just a gimmick? The answer may surprise you.

We’d like to thank TeamGroup for providing the T-Force Spark for review.

Product Specifications

Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.0/3.1)
Capacity 128GB
Color Black
Voltage DC+5V
Weight 25g
Data Transfer Rate Read: 180MB/s Max
Write: 90MB/s Max[2]
Dimensions 60.9(L) x20.4 (W) x8.6 (H) mm
Warranty Lifetime warranty


T-Force Spark box front

The packaging for the T-Force Spark RGB USB drive is rather small measuring about 3.5 inches by about 5 inches. The front has the T-Force logo at the top left-hand corner and the Spark RGB branding on the top right-hand corner. Just below the Spark branding is the capacity of the drive. In the case of our sample, it has a 128 GB capacity. Below the T-Force logo, there is a brief description of the product being a USB Flash Drive with RGB lighting effects and Smart Capacity display. More on that later in this review. There is an image in the center of the box with not one but two Spark flash drives, one with a blue LED and the other with a yellow LED. USB 3.2 is printed on the bottom left and a color wheel with the works Used Capacity is printed on the bottom right. Spark USB Drive box front

On the back of the box for the T-Force Spark RGB USB Drive, we again see the T-Force logo at the top left-hand corner. Directly underneath is a brief description of what the TF represents in the T-Force logo. The T represents TeamGroup’s passion for storage products and the F stands for TeamGroup’s over 18 years of “The promotion of storage products” Under this description is the Spark RGB branding as well as product specifications. There is also an LED behavior chart to tell you what the different color indicators mean. Last this of note is a chart breaking down how many photos or how many songs or videos can be stored on a 128 GB drive, as well as about how much each file takes up.

Spark USB Drive box rear


Once you open the packaging, you’ll find the T-Force Spark RGB USB drive set in a small black cardboard tray of sorts. Aside from the drive and paperwork, there really isn’t much more to discuss in terms of packaging. So, on to the overview of the T-Force Spark RGB USB Drive.

internal packaging T-Force Spark RGB USB Drive