Thursday, July 19, 2018

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AMD Ryzen Stock Coolers & New Box Art Detailed

It looks like we have updated information on how AMD will ship its Ryzen processors, the new box art, and the stock coolers that will come with the processors. AMD plans to ship the coolers in a few different ways, first you'll see OEM trays (for system integrators), them you'll have the PIB (Processor in Box) solution which will have 3 different variants (basic heatsink, Wraith Spire, and Wraith Max Cooling soltions), and then finally you'll have WOF (without fan-heatsink consumer).

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MSI Planning Gaming Series Cases and Coolers

As per the report issued by Expreview, MSI is looking forward eagerly to its Gaming Series-which will include the branded cases and cooling solutions. MSI is not entering the market for cases for the first time but it must be kept in mind that the previous MSI cases weren’t able to get their strong hold in the market and hadn't made quite a mark.

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Intel Plans to Sell Specially Designed Coolers with Thin-ITX Platforms

Intel HTS1155LP active thermal solution has been designed for ultra-thin desktops and is not only compatible with Intel’s own DH61AG mainboard but also with thin mini-ITX H6x-based mainboards from other dealers. The system depends on comparatively small heatsink (weighs 264 grams), three pipes and a blower which has 1180 - 3380 rpm fan speed. For controlling the speed by firmware, the blower comes with 4-pin connector.

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