MSI Planning Gaming Series Cases and Coolers

“Gaming Series” ended up being a great route for MSI to bundle its graphics cards and motherboards. The signature profound red and dark shade plan, teamed up with the “mythical serpent” logo set up the MSI items in a premium manner. Such a thing was just pulled off by ROG which managed this for Asus. And not so surprisingly, the organization is looking to make use of it further. As per the report issued by Expreview, MSI is looking forward eagerly to its Gaming Series-which will include the branded cases and cooling solutions. MSI is not entering the market for cases for the first time but it must be kept in mind that the previous MSI cases weren’t able to get their strong hold in the market and hadn’t made quite a mark.


Talking of the enthusiasts in China with this respect, they spotted MSI Gaming Series variants of prominent NZXT cases, for instance the Phantom 410 (pictures of which can be seen on different web pages by now), and some cases from Jonsbo which is the local maker of Lian Li-like cases and it is known to specialize in all aluminum products. Some other piece of information has been revealed to the Expreview which states that MSI could end up sharing the Gaming Series brand to any resemblances of Thermalright/Cogage, which could possibly start a variant of its True Spirit Ts120 tower-sort air cooler for CPU.


Source: Expreview | News Archive