Custom R9 290’s to Launch before Custom R9 290X’s

From what we know AMD had missed its late-November window for sending out enough Radeon R9 290 series chips to its partners for them to roll out their custom designed board in time for the holiday season. It looks like custom-designed Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X cards could launch very close to Christmas or miss it all together and be released in 2014. Custom designed R9 290 series cards are highly anticipated because as we all know the reference-design cooling solution on these cards is not all that powerful and extremely noisy.

AMD-Radeon-R9-290 (3)

The only custom-designed R9 290 Series card that we have heard of has been the R9 290X Lightning from MSI. Other than that we have not seen anything else. Source have told that custom-designed R9 290 cards could launch first before the R9 290X versions. These would launch in mid to late December through January with the 290X version coming “later”. It has been said that one AMD AIB partner has confirmed that there is an under-supply of AMD “Hawaii” silicon.

Source: | News Archive

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