AMD AM5 Will Be Backward Compatible With AM4 Coolers

AMD employees, in multiple interactions with the PC world, have revealed details on the AM5 platform for next-gen CPUs. In an interview, AMD CEO confirmed that the company has plans to keep the standards of the AM5 platform the same as the AM4. The current platform has been in the market for around two years now but has experienced a few iterations that generated support for faster memory or new PCI-Express standards.

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Furthermore, a video interview came to light with Robert Hallock (Director of Technical Marketing) and Frank Azor (Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions) who were inquired about AMD AM5 platform design, and asked as to why AMD moved to LGA rather than making another PGA processor. Robert Hallock answered that the verdict was solely based on the pin density that was required for the next-gen connectivity and interfaces (such as PCIe Gen5 or DDR5). The platform simply needed to have more connections with the CPU and the pin-based PGA CPUs simply were not for the desired task.


AMD Zen4 desktop (Ryzen 7000) integrated heat spreader design was not selected on the base of the outlook, but to make space for the capacitors that would otherwise have to be installed on the other side of the processor. Hence the processor retains the same package size as AM4 processors.

Keeping this in mind, Hallock announced that AM4 coolers will be compatible with future AM5 CPUs. Other features, such as thermal density, power requirements, etc are not known yet, but there is a decent chance that high-end air and AIO coolers will be a part of the new platform.

Via PCWorld