Thermaltake’s Pacific R2 Ultra Memory LCD Monitor Kit Features A Display On The RAM

Thermaltake just came forward with its recent invention of an LCD screen for RAM. The 3.9″ LCD on the Thermaltake Pacific R2 Ultra kit, clips to DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5 memory slots and features a micro-USB port.

thermaltake pacifica r2 ultra2

The screen, when connected to ThermalTake’s RGB Plus 2.0 software, can be used to display temperatures, CPU load, memory usage, a picture of your choice, or any image or animation you like—the picture should fit in the 128×480 resolution of the screen. The little display is an IPS-type LCD. The mounting mechanism has some simple fins engraved into it, and it seems like it might be able to serve as a crude heatsink.

thermaltake pacifica r2 ultra

Thermaltake announced Pacific A2 Ultra in November of 2021, but it became available recently. The screen is the same as that of R2 Ultra, but the Pacific A2 Ultra serves the purpose of a liquid-cooling water block for the RAM. ThermalTake claims that both parts are meant for systems with four memory sticks, but will attach and serve on systems having only two slots.

The cost for the US hasn’t been confirmed yet, but you can already find both parts on the company’s EU shop.

The Pacific R2 Ultra with just the screen costs €114.90, while the plus-waterblock Pacific A2 Ultra approximately costs around €194.90.