Intel Plans to Sell Specially Designed Coolers with Thin-ITX Platforms

In order to make famous the ultra small form factors system, Intel has decided to develop specifically-designed cooling solutions for thin-ITX platforms.

To get the personal computers thinner and smaller in size, they require smaller components such as small main boards, tiny graphics cards and mini solid-state drives. The advanced process technologies has facilitated a lot to make each and every component in PC to minute level and because of overall inclination towards miniaturization, cooling solutions has gained demand in the previous decade. According to authentic sources, Intel will present customized active thermal solution HTS1155LP, for aiding system manufacturers to make powerful systems smaller.

intel cooler

Intel HTS1155LP active thermal solution has been designed for ultra-thin desktops and is not only compatible with Intel’s own DH61AG mainboard but also with thin mini-ITX H6x-based mainboards from other dealers. The system depends on comparatively small heatsink (weighs 264 grams), three pipes and a blower which has 1180 – 3380 rpm fan speed. For controlling the speed by firmware, the blower comes with 4-pin connector.

Initially, Intel HTS1155LP active thermal solution will only be available at Intel authorized distributors therefore, the pricing details aren’t clear.

Source: MyCE | News Archive