Apple Ramping Up Engineering Team for iWatch Design

With the recent fall in Apple’s stock price and the criticism of stock holders, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced in the last annual stock holder’s meeting that they were working on great new stuff that would reverse the share price. It has been speculated that this new product is going to be a smart watch being called the iWatch. Apparently such a product supporting multi-touch is being produced by 100 engineers working intensely in Cupertino. Rearranging playlists, responding to text messages, listing phone calls are some of the features the iWatch could have alone with reading a map on the watch with the flick of the wrist.

Apple iWatch

Moreover, sources also tell that Apple has decided to redraft the whole iOS system, to run it on the iWatch instead of just using a few changes to the iPOD nano’s interface and operating system. However, the recent issues that Apple is facing in the development of the watch are related to battery life. Sources tell that the goal is to make the watch last at least 4 to 5 days where as the recent prototypes are seemingly only lasting at max a couple of days. Likewise, Apple has to redesign the iOS to make it working on iWatch as well as to let the iPhone support a watch like device. We have learnt that Apple is lacking the appropriate settings or interface to make the device run smoothly.

The release date and price of the iWatch is a mystery however we can say that it would highly push up the stock price of Apple Inc.

Source: Financial Times | News Archive