Intel Planning A Few More Ivy Bridge CPU Releases

In spite of the fact that Haswell that is considered to be Intel’s latest consumer platform; Intel is still seeking to keep Ivy Bridge and LGA 1155 intact with some more CPU releases. Intel plans to release four new CPUs in the near future which include two Core i5 and two Celeron models.

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For your information, all four CPUs do not offer hyperthreading but instead have the same clocked HD graphics. The two Celeron parts are both dual cores with one T model which means it has a decreased TDP for energy efficiency. This has relatively lower clock speed but they both have similar cache, graphics and memory support.


The other two parts are both Core i5, which contain four cores and HD 2500 Graphics. These also contain the same cache and memory support while the only difference is that the S variant which has a lower TDP. These releases are specifically designed to keep Ivy Bridge strengthen in the entry range or either mid range models just because up till now Haswell is only offering high end models. Haswell Core i3and below are yet to be seen.

Pricing and release dates have not been known yet. We shall share it as soon as we hear something about it.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive