TCL Reveals World’s First 4K 1000 Hz Gaming Display Panel

In recent years, companies have pushed gaming monitor refresh rates beyond 500 Hz, and now they’re aiming even higher. Notably, this progress is no longer restricted to 1080p or 1440p resolutions. Chinese company TCL CSOT has introduced the world’s first 4K 1000 Hz panel, marking a major advancement in display technology for gaming enthusiasts.

tcl 1000hz 1

At present, the fastest monitors available tout a 540 Hz refresh rate, employing TN panels. These displays frequently sport lower resolutions because of technology constraints and bandwidth limitations. Nonetheless, innovations like the DisplayPort 2.1 standard, notably with UHBR20 mode, can potentially provide refresh rates of up to 884 Hz at 1080p resolution, without relying on Display Stream Compression (DSC).

Thanks to the implementation of DSC 3.0 compression technology, achieving a 540 Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution now requires only 15.5 Gbit/s bandwidth, comfortably within the available 77.3 Gbit/s bandwidth (UHBR20).


Blur Busters, who visited the TCL booth and captured the photos, elaborated on the necessities to sustain such elevated frame rates. While a beefier GPU might seem like the straightforward remedy, given that frame rates are already hitting triple digits, frame generation or interpolation could be viewed as a feasible alternative.

The objective is to attain a photorealistic visual experience by leveraging contemporary game engines and frame generation technology, operating at a 10 to 1 ratio. The overarching aim is to guarantee a seamless and artifact-free experience, akin to the objectives established for video encoding technologies. Close collaboration among display panel manufacturers, game developers, and GPU vendors would be imperative. It appears that TCL CSOT has already embarked on this journey.

Source: Blur Busters

Images: Blur Busters, TFT Central