Teamgroup’s First DDR5 Memory For Next-Gen Laptops Will be Available Later this Year

All the discussion about the upcoming DDR5 RAM modules has been for the full-size modules which can be installed in PC motherboards, but what about laptops. Fortunately, Teamgroup is here to save the day; they have announced the DDR5 SO-DIMM module.


Teamgroup said:

Paying attention to the needs of not only desktop but also a notebook and mini PC users, Teamgroup has successfully created a DDR5 SO-DIMM and is expected to be the first to take Intel and AMD’s new platform validation tests,”

Currently, there are no laptops or desktops that support the DDR5 RAM but this will change by the year-end. Teamgroup already said in December 2020 that they are validating the DDR5 modules for desktop, and now they have successfully developed DDR5 SO-DIMM.

The SO-DIMM module is a shorter memory module used for notebooks and mini PC form factors. Teamgroup says that their DDR5 SO-DIMM module resembles the U-DIMM variant. A single SO-DIMM module features a 16GB capacity and a frequency of 4,800MHz. It operates at 1.1V.

Teamgroup also said:

Teamgroup emphasizes that the product specifications it has published are from successfully developed products, and it will continue to work closely with motherboard manufacturers to achieve higher specifications. The company hopes to provide consumers with a wide range of specifications and stable compatibility from the very beginning of its product launches,”

In the DDR5 era, faster speed will be the new norm as Adata has recently announced that they are developing a DDR5 RAM module in partnership with Gigabyte and MSI, which will operate at a speed of up to 8400MHz.

Micron DDR5 memory module

Besides the high speeds, the DDR 5 also features the on-die ECC (error-correcting code), a feature that is typically reserved for data center memory. The founder of Linux, Linus Torvalds, should be credited for the availability of the ECC for consumers.