Teenage Engineering Announces computer-1 mini-ITX Chassis

While setting up their first office many years ago, teenage engineering set out to create their ideal PC case. It was to have a small desktop footprint and be easy to move around. They built it with a laser cutter, high density board and spray paint. A simple, no frills computer case computer-1 has always been a work in progress. the board version worked ok, but the handles couldn’t support the weight of the case when moving it around. so after some literal computer crashes, they turned to aluminium for a lighter and sturdier design.

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Based on the build-it-yourself design of the pocket operator modular, they landed on the simple Mini-ITX case that they use today. A small desk footprint, compact and portable, computer-1 has a small desk footprint. the lightweight aluminium, and chrome handles, make it easier to move around when you have to. In powder coated pure orange RAL 2004, it’s a small, no frills tool for any desktop. Built around the Mini-ITX motherboard and the SFX power supply format, it also fits a dual slot graphics card up to 170 mm. while compact, it’s capable of housing a range of parts. From gamer to programmer, engineer and designer, the chassis can be equipped with whatever components you wish. Students of affordable online masters in engineering with a focus on robotics or other relevant courses will also find this an economical and highly versatile case.

Flat pack design
The flat pack, 1 mm aluminium, is flexible enough to bend into shape, and sturdy enough to keep your components secure. Each kit comes with all of the parts required to assemble the case

  • Form Factor
    • Mini-ITX
  • GPU
    • Dual-slot up to 180 mm
  • Power Supply
    • SFX
  • CPU Cooler
    • Height limit from motherboard surface 120 mm
  • Material
    • Powder coated aluminium
  • Color
    • Pure orange RAL 2004
  • Outer Dimensions (mm)
    • W 170 D 190 H 322
  • Inner Dimensions (mm)
    • W 164 D 189 H 275.5
  • Price
    • US$195

Via: teenage engineering

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