The 48GB DDR3 Weekend!

As many of you know our friends over at Patriot were nice enough to send us over 48GB of their 8GB G2 Series single modules.  That is six 8GB modules, giving us a total of 48GB of DDR3!  It is really crazy to think about that much memory in a system, it is close to a small solid state drive.  We’ve had a lot of fun with all of this memory over the past couple of weeks and yes we installed all 48GB in a single system.  Read on to check all the fun we’ve had with this memory!

About 2 weeks ago I go out to check my mail and I have a small box from Patriot.  I’m thinking they have sent me 16GB of the G2 Series memory, but to my surprise when I opened the box there were six modules, not 2!  Check out my unboxing video below!

Seeing six DDR3 modules is not that big of a deal, but realizing each of them is 8GB giving us a total of 48GB is pretty crazy!

The 48GB DDR3 Weekend! The 48GB DDR3 Weekend! The 48GB DDR3 Weekend! The 48GB DDR3 Weekend!

The G2 Series are pretty simple memory modules.  They do not have a crazy heatspreader or anything like that.  The heatspreader is pretty basic and has a blue sticker that has the G2 logo on it.  Each 8GB module runs at 1333MHz, has timings of 9-9-9-24 and runs at a low voltage of 1.5v.

The 48GB DDR3 Weekend! The 48GB DDR3 Weekend!

We really wanted to get the total 48GB in one system and currently the only system that is capable of that currently is an X58 system since it supports triple channel memory.  Our X58 system currently has is running the Gigabyte X58A-OC Motherboard, which Gigabyte says supports up to 24GB of DDR3.  So what happened when we tried to install 48GB in the system?  Check out the video below!

So now that we have 48GB installed and running how are we going to see if it is stable?  I decided to run Prime95 on a custom test using the full 48GB of memory.

The 48GB DDR3 Weekend!

I ran the test for a full 24 hours to see if the system would shut down or crash, effectively seeing how stable the system was.  The video below shows our findings.

Now that we know how stable the system is lets go ahead and run some benchmarks.  I ran all of the Sandra memory benchmarks as well as the AIDA64 Cache & Memory benchmark.

sandra mem

sandra lat

sandra cache


If you are looking at add more memory and a lot of it to your system definitely check out the 8GB single modules of Patriot’s G2 series.  They are currently selling for $129.99 at my favorite online retailer.  That means the 48GB configuration will set you back $779.94!  Patriot is one of just a few memory companies that have 8GB single modules available.

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